It’s Summoned’s Book Birthday!

For those of you who don’t know much about the publishing process, it can be a lengthy one. From the time you start writing a book, until the time it gets officially released into the world can take months, even years.

And today is that very special day – a book birthday – when the time and effort (read; blood, sweat, and tears) that have gone into the creation of a story finally is launched into the world as its own entity.

As an author, we hope and pray that anyone who comes across the story will cherish and love the characters as much, if not more, than we the authors do. We hope the tale resonates with everyone, and yet, in the back of our minds we also know that will never be the case.

Still…we hope.

Today is Summoned’s book birthday. Today it becomes real – and I’m so thrilled to be able to share it all with you, from the stunning artwork on the cover, to the tale hidden within its pages.

I can share with you that the characters in this book are some of my favorite I have created over the span of three novels. Cam is the court-jester, the gay best friend who is everything, including a bucket-full of trouble. Byron is the stunningly gorgeous university professor who harbors many secrets. Tully is the man of everyone’s dreams, if you like big, muscled, redheads. And our main character, Dev, is a dark, brooding, handsome fellow who’d do anything for a little bit of magic in his life.

There’s a touch of the dark, and a lot of light. The supernatural is laced throughout the story and the world of the fae in all its glory and splendor is revealed. Norse Runes are gateways to spells, and the elements are important sources of attunement for accessing your magical powers. It was a fun world to create, and I cannot wait to start writing the next book.

If you want to watch me read the first chapter, you can click on the image below:

Click here to listen to me read!

Sound like fun? Sure hope so. Here’s where you can pick up your own copy:

NineStar Press | Amazon | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | International Book Buy Link

From my writing desk to your reading spot…May your journeys be fantastical, magical, dark, and a little sexy.

Until next time, happy reading!

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