Author Interview: Sara Codair

Author Interview:  Sara Codair

Hi Everyone! Today on the blog we have Sara Codair. Sara is a fellow author from NineStar Press and I’m thrilled they came by to visit me here. I have so many questions.  You will too after you see how Sara responded to the rapid-fire questions! So, without any further ado, everyone, please say hello!

Sara, this is everyone!

Sara Codair

Sara Codair: **waves**

JP Jackson: “I’m just itching to do these Rapid Fire questions.”

Sara Codair: “Great!”

JP Jackson: “Eagerness! I love it. Okay, here we go: Fast or Slow?”

Sara Codair: “Fast.”

JP Jackson: “Oh, me too. You should see me on my rollerblades. My hubby regularly tells me to slow down. But then I drive like a little old lady, so there’s that.”


JP Jackson: “How about this, Romantic Comedy or Suspense Thriller?”

Sara Codair: “Wouldn’t matter. I like to read all kinds of stuff, but whichever has the stronger supernatural element – that’s the one I’ll pick!”

JP Jackson: “OOOhhh! We couldn’t go shopping together – our carts would be banging together from us trying to get the same thing. ME TOO!”

Sara Codair: “Reading is my escape, but I love all the things that ‘bump in the night’.”

JP Jackson: <makes a strange excited squealing noise> “Folks, I think I just made a new bestie.” <high fives Sara> “Okay, how about this: Share a cocktail of your choice with anyone – what is it and who is it?”

Sara Codair: “Sangria. Do I have to share?”

JP Jackson: “Absolutely not! And if you like Sangria then I have the perfect bar for you to go to if you ever end up in Puerto Vallarta. It was a hot day and the pitcher of Sangria was sweet n tangy and full of tropical fresh fruit. The condensation on the glass made little puddles on the table because the Sangria was perfectly chilled…the people watching was amazeballs, and the palm trees swayed back n forth…it was glorious.”

Sara Codair: “That sounds lovely. Should we go?”

JP Jackson: “Now? Well, I’ll have to…oh, to hell with it. Yes, let’s. Right now! Well, after we finish the interview?”

Sara Codair: “Okay!” <Grinning with enthusiasm>

JP Jackson: “If you could be any animal, what animal would it be?”

Sara Codair: “Oh…um…how about….gosh, I…wait! I’ve got it. An Otter.”

JP Jackson: “You know what? I totally see that. Intense, curious, intelligent and creative, yet agile and makes everyone around them smile.”

Sara Codair: “Awww. That and water!”

JP Jackson: “AH! So you’re a water baby too – see, definitely an otter – look at your picture, right on the lake, in the rain. That’s a lot of wet.”

Sara Codair: <Laughs> “I guess so, yeah!”

JP Jackson: “See, otter is perfect.  Okay, something completely different. Do you enjoy telling people ‘no’?”

Sara Codair: “No. I’m not good at it, but on the rare occasion, I do it? Yes.”

JP Jackson: “See, you just want to make everyone smile and be happy.”

Sara Codair: “I do, I really do.”

JP Jackson: “Not a damn thing wrong with that. Okay, how about this – Mountains or Prairies?”

Sara Codair: “Mountains.”

JP Jackson: “You need to come up to see me in Alberta then. We’ll go to Banff. Lake Louise and the Columbia Ice Fields – the Rocky Mountain Range – postcard scenery at every bend in the highway.”

Sara Codair: “After the Sangria?”

JP Jackson: “Whirlwind globe-trotting? Why the hell not! ”

Sara Codair: “Woohoo!”

JP Jackson: “Okay, here’s an easy one: The comfort food meal you would eat every time it was put in front of you is what?”

Sara Codair: “Easy answer: bacon!”

JP Jackson: “Sangria with Bacon while sitting nestled in the Mountains. Got it.”

Sara Codair: “That sounds like the best ever!”

JP Jackson: “I’m down for it. Okay, how about this – Sweet or Salty?”

Sara Codair: “You can’t make me pick!”

JP Jackson: “Chocolate covered pretzels?”

Sara Codair: “Ewww, yuk. That one’s not my fave, at all. But I do like both! Sweet and Salty.”

JP Jackson: “I’m definitely a sweets kinda guy. How about a salted caramel chocolate bar.”

Sara Codair: “Can we add that to the bacon?”

JP Jackson: “Bacon wrapped, salted caramel chocolate bar?”

Sara Codair: “Sounds intriguing.” <Wry grin>

JP Jackson: “I’ll do it. How about a superpower? If you could have one it would be…”

Sara Codair: “Flight.”

JP Jackson: “With or without wings?”

Sara Codair: “Ooo. Hadn’t considered that! I suppose without, but then if I had wings I’d be something supernatural, so…with wings.”

JP Jackson: “Supernatural beastie it is! Okay, last rapid fire question. Your least favorite drink is?”

Sara Codair: “Believe it or not – soda.”

JP Jackson: “REALLY. Oh, you’d hate living in our house. It’s Diet Coke or Coke Zero.  Or wine. We have lots n lots of wine.”


JP Jackson: “Okay – book time!  I see you’ve written a bunch of stuff, but Power Surge is your debut novel, yes?”

Sara Codair: “Yes! I was sooooo excited when it came out.”

JP Jackson: “I still remember all the anxiety and excitement for my debut novel release day. Sweaty palms and heart palpitations!”

Sara Codair: “You too?”

JP Jackson: “Absolutely. I don’t think it gets any easier. You spend all that time, blood, sweat, tears, just trying to make every sentence perfect, and you hope everyone loves it as much as you do. See, there’s that otter again – you want everyone to read it and like it.”

Sara Codair: “Yes! That’s exactly it. Every one of the 272 pages has my blood on them.


JP Jackson: “Yikes! I try to reserve the blood splatter, but I can’t help what happens when demon hunting.” <shrugs>

Sara Codair: <giggles> “That’s definitely you.”

JP Jackson: “Agreed. No hunting right now. I promise. So tell me, is Power Surge a standalone? Or a series? And how long did it take you to write – seeing as how it was your first one?”

Sara Codair: “Well, it’s definitely a series, maaaayyybe even a trilogy!” <winks> “The first one took so long to write. I started my first attempt to write this in 2007. There were lots of stops and starts, but it took 11 years to get from that school assignment to published novel.”

JP Jackson: “This started off as a school assignment? Damn. Talk about ambitious and trying to get an A+! I’m totally impressed. See, smiling!”

Sara Codair: <laughs> “It was a labor of love.”

JP Jackson: “I should think. What was your inspiration for the novel?”

Sara Codair: “My grandparents, and wishing I saw more characters like me in TV shows like Supernatural and in the books by Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files.”

JP Jackson: “Oh, I am 100% with you on that. Supernatural is my go-to, feel-good, TV show, and The Dresden Files are sooooo good. But yeah. More people like us. Agreed. You and I are coming at this writing thing from similar perspectives – ‘Write the stories you want to read.’”

Sara Codair: “Exactly!”

JP Jackson: “Is writing or the publishing industry your main job? If not, care to share what is?”

Sara Codair: “Maybe one day writing will be my main job, but right now, it isn’t. I’m a writing tutor and adjunct instructor at a community college. Yes, technically it is still related to writing, but it isn’t the same kind of writing.”

JP Jackson: “I’m with you there. Maybe one day. In the meantime, day job it is! Okay, so tell me, Power Surge is an Urban Fantasy tale, right? Do you see faeries? Where is your magic?”

Sara Codair: “When the sun is in my eyes or I go too long without blinking, my vision blurs and the shapes of edges get fuzzy and it is all too easy to see a crushed up paper bag and think it is a little creature made of twig and bark, crouching on the side of the road. My magic is the words in my head, my imagination, and my fading ability to just let go of reality for a few seconds and let the world bloom into something magical.”

JP Jackson: “Damn, that is so poetic. I think you just explained magic. Okay, just a couple more questions. Do you think your main character is you, or part of you, or are they a complete fabrication? Or are they the fantasy to aspire to?”

Sara Codair: “Amplify my worst flaws, my courage, and my physical strength, and then take away the family and friends who taught me about being a good person, and you get someone like Erin, the main character in Power Surge. They definitely are not me, but they have pieces of me in them.”

JP Jackson: “It’s funny, but as you were saying that, I completely understood it. I think all of our characters have tiny bits and pieces from us in them. I think it makes the characters deeper and more real. Last question. What’s your biggest pet peeve with the publishing industry today?”

Sara Codair: “For a long time, it was their expectation of perfect grammar – assumptions that if someone had a couple typos in their query, it meant they were lazy and careless – I could still go on and on about assumptions people make based off a grammar, but I won’t bore you with that or piss off your readers with it. But now? I think there are bigger problems than that, but they’re harder to pinpoint and calling them pet peeves might diminish their seriousness.”

JP Jackson: “Well there’s a lot of interesting thoughts in there. I think I’ll have to have you back for a discussion on that one! Would you be game?”

Sara Codair: “I think that could be interesting! Sure!”

JP Jackson: “I’ll book it then! Lastly, for all the folks out there reading this, do you have any new projects you’re working on that you’d care to tease us with?”

Sara Codair: “I just sent the sequel to Power Surge to my editor. I’m worried it will be bad luck if I say anything about it now. Other than that, it’s short stories until I settle into drafting a new novel, and I have a very long list of novels I want to write. “

JP Jackson: “Awesome! I look forward to getting the sequel! Where can people find you if they want to get to know even more Sara?”

Sara Codair: “Twitter is the best place to find me. I’m @shatteredsmooth. However, I can also be reached through my author Facebook or the contact form on my website.

Click here to find Sara on the Socials!

Twitter | Facebook | Website 

JP Jackson: “Thanks, Sara for stopping by today, it was great to have you here, making everyone smile!”

Sara Codair: “Thanks for having me!”

JP Jackson: “We’ll get together soon and chat more about the publishing industry too!”

<Grabs Sara’s hand and runs off to the nearest airport to start the whirlwind globetrotting, Sangria tasting, mountain visiting, sweet and salty vacation!>

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